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The marketing interview is your chance to impress. 😎

There are not many marketing career moments more important than the interview.

The famous saying – “you never get a second chance to make a first impression.” – is very applicable within this situation.

The good news is that by simply reviewing a few free marketing technologies and tools, you can leave the hiring manager impressed with your first impression.

You won’t just impress with the information that you share, but you will also impress with showcasing your ability to be resourceful, thoughtful, a critical thinker, and someone that makes relevant observations.

Here are some tools to gather intelligence, insights and perspectives on that company, agency or client as you prepare for you interview.

These tools are free to use, so why not use them? 🤷

 The following tools can easily provide you with insights, data points, observations AND recommendations on any public domain that will show the hiring manager that you’re someone they need on the team.



#1 SpyFu – identify potential trends in keyword traffic, rankings, top pages, top backlinks

❓ Ask questions about increases/decreases of focus on organic or paid efforts

❓ Suggest potential partnerships based on strong backlink sources


#2 Facebook Ad Library – See exact samples of ads to identify any trends in messaging or creative

❓ Ask questions around how decisions were made to optimize captions, CTA or images in creative.

❓ Suggest a copy or creative split test to run

#3 Similarweb – Identify website traffic trends per marketing channel source

❓Ask questions about potential partnerships from upstream traffic sources

❓Share ideas on how to maximize traffic from high volume sources or how to increase traffic from low volume sources

#4 Ghostery, Inc. or BuiltWith – See which tracking tools are being used on any website

❓If you notice an A/B split testing tool is being used (e.g. UnbounceHotjar)- then ask about best performing tests that they’ve run

❓If you notice a CRM tool is being used (e.g HubSpotKlaviyo) – ask about their most successful segmented campaigns


For each interview, use these tools to generate 3-5 thoughtful questions that will definitely set you apart from other candidates.


Get more tips on how to win in your next marketing interview here.

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