Need Marketing Career Help?

For When You Don’t Know Where to Start.

I help people with their digital marketing careers.

I help businesses develop marketing-focused curriculum and marketing-specific career development programs.

I am your marketing sounding board…plus, I’m a good listener.

I can help you get unstuck, discover a fresh approach or idea.  

For When You Get Stuck.

When you are not sure where to start, which marketing roles to pursue or which companies would be the best fit for you…I can provide clarity, and in most cases, make direct introductions to some hiring managers for those roles.

When your team has talent, but you don’t feel like you know how to steer their marketing career..I can help.

When your business or company wants to level up their marketing teams and leaders, but you don’t want to just have them watch videos…I can develop a specific course for your team.

My mission is to help you get the most from the pursuit of your dream marketing role.

What marketing help can I provide?

Inspiration, tips and more resources via my podcast.

Short or long-term individual coaching and mentoring programs.

Free and premium marketing career-focused guides, templates and resources.

Hire me as your career coach. Let me help develop a course for your marketing team so they stay challenged, inspired and motivated.  Just send me some more details.

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