Marketing Career Coach & Fractional CMO

Moderating a panel at Podcast Movement 2018


Some articles and posts that I’ve written, and some clips from interviews I’ve been fortunate to be part of.

Stuff I’ve written

My Total Retail – Increase sales through email marketing

My Total Retail – Best practices for lead generation with email

Huffington Post articles – About digital marketing, email and company culture

University of Vermont Blog – Future of digital marketing


Interviews & webinar stuff

Podcast Interview with Bradford Rogers – talking about the pillars of email deliverability.

Podcast Interview with Ian Garlic – talking about using using video and email to tell a story.

Podcast Interview with Nancy Gaines – talking about why email marketing still works.

AWeber’s Email Marketing Podcast – What is Influencer Marketing?

Hangout w/ Evan Carmichael – Growing lists with email marketing for entrepreneurs

FinCon Expo 2016 – How to build engaged audiences with email marketing

The Marketing Boss Podcast w/ Parchelle Hotten  РDiscussing all things email marketing

DreamIt Ventures Podcast – Discussing growth hacking for start ups

eCommerce Marketing Podcast – Discussing email marketing for ecommerce companies

Webinar w/ Slice Communications РHow email, social and direct mail marketing work together 

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